Public Speaking Courses & Presentation Skills Training

For Individuals and Organisations

It is stated that public speaking is a "soft skill", but we believe (from experience) that it is therefore a "soft skill" that gives your "core skills" a voice!

To be all we can be it is vital that we can and do share our knowledge, experiences, skills, and opinions effectively and confidently, or our impact and presence could be lost in the noise of everyone else!

Having good public speaking and presentation skills are important for anybody who has to communicate with other people – so that’s pretty much all of us.

Even if you don’t have to get up in front of an audience, there will be countless times when you need to communicate effectively – in workshops, in meetings, even at the water cooler!

Our CPD Accredited public speaking courses and presentation skills training can help you or the people in your organisation to:

  • Overcome nerves and deliver a polished performance
  • Have the edge over others, even where their knowledge or message may be stronger
  • Get noticed by the people who matter
  • Improve performance, whether that’s in business, education, the media or socially

Internal Training

In-house public speaking and presentation coaching for your staff, management, directors or stakeholders.

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Individual Public
Speaking Training

Courses and workshops for individuals or small groups, to help manage nerves and fine tune public speaking and presenting skills.

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Sports Media &
Communication Training

Helping sports people understand why and how to optimise communication with media, sponsors, fans, and teams.

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Remote Training

1-to-1 or 1-to-many "virtual classroom" Public Speaking, Presentation Skills & Media training via video conferencing

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Chris Dawes Profesional Speaker

Presentation training and public speaking coaching

We help individuals, and organisations wanting training for their employees, with:

  • Public speaking
  • Presentation skills
  • Executive communication
  • Meeting/group communication skills
  • Media training (for sports people and business people)
  • Video presentation
  • Sports communication (to help sports people forge a career in the media and to help them better communicate with sponsors, fans and teams)
  • Mentoring
  • Internal training strategy contracts

At Open Dawes, our public speaking coaches can mentor you through specific events – helping with script-writing, delivery, tone, and liaising with the venue. We can also plan and run the whole event or even deliver the presentation on your behalf.

CPD Accredited training provider Open Dawes Training

To find out more about how the Open Dawes team can help please get in touch.

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